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Client interaction: Clients should have the ability to send forms and inquiries through the system. Agents should also be able to communicate with their leads easily through the interface.
Lead monitoring: It is important to be able to monitor how leads interact with your website to determine how serious they are. Monitor their saved searches, how many times they log in and visited properties.
Agent management: A quality CRM will allow you to also manage agents and the information they are given. For example, individual privacy functions, assigning leads to agents, and event reminders.
Membership management: If you have a membership feature on your website, it is incredibly important to have a membership/payment feature for the CRM to easily manage the whole thing.
MLS integration: For real estate, we all know that MLS integration is the single most important thing for a website. It is equally as important for your CRM. Having your system compatible to your integration will save you time and effort when communicating with leads and sending them matched listings. Matching listings with clients’ preferences can be done automatically with a good CRM system.
Reminders and alerts: Another simple yet essential function for your CRM is the ability to create and send alerts and reminders to both agents and clients. Use this feature to manage events and follow up with your leads.

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